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We are the Midwest’s PREMIER matchmaking service and WE WILL connect you with the LOVE of your life. Don’t waste your precious time on disappointing blind dates, bar scenes and online sites. Our personalized and systematic approach is individually tailored to find matches that meet your specific criterion. Our focused executive recruiting search finds the most qualified matches using our enormous FREE database of attractive and exceptional singles.

Above and beyond our Milwaukee, Chicago and Midwestern contacts we have close ties with very select matchmakers from across the United States, providing us access to thousands of additional profiles of men and women. This large pool of potential partners — when combined with our customized approach — provides the means to introduce you to your ideal match living close to you in the Midwest OR anywhere in the nation.

Meeting Your Precise Standards, with Confidential and Personalized Services

Learn the Language of the Heart and Mind

Many of our clients just need additional tools, or skills “refreshers” to positively guide their way into more fulfilling relationships. Your dating coach will listen, help you understand your past frustrations, and help you sort out why earlier events didn’t turn out the way you hoped. Then they’ll provide the needed tools for successful future outcomes. Many times just having a professional third-party share their perspective is all you’ll need to help you exceed your relationships goals.You’ll experience revitalized success in both social and business interactions.

Maximize Your First Impressions

Our expert dating coaches will give you CONFIDENCE, as they teach you the techniques needed to attract the type of partner you’re seeking. To maximize your new look, we’ll recommend hairstylists, colorists, manicurists and grooming consultants (and if you’re interested even surgeons) who will work with you to boost your confidence further through an amazing makeover. As a client, you’ll receive reduced, special introductory rates for these premiere services, providing you access to the best for less.


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